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Doberman Pinscher Space! - Lady Baby our lovely Dog

If your dog is tired of the same old chew toy everyday, consider giving him a tasty dog chew treat that doubles as a chew toy! There are tons of different types of dog chew treats available in pet stores and online so it’s likely you’ll find one that your dog will like. Below I talk about dog chews that Lady has tried or that I have read about that you might consider trying including deer antler dog chews, bully sticks, sterilized bones and rawhides. Keep in mind that every dog is different so even if a type of dog chew treat is popular it may not appeal to your dog.


Pig Ears

This is Lady’s absolute favorite dog chew treat. She cannot get enough of these! They are made from oven roasted pig ears and make a wonderful treat for puppies since it doesn’t hurt their sensitive tummies.

Dog Chew Treat Pig Ears





Full sized pig ear dog chews for medium to large dogs


Dog Chew Treat Pig Ears SmallPig ear slivers dog chews for puppies or little dogs


Bully Sticks

Lady hasn’t tried these yet but I read lots of good things about them. Apparently dogs are CRAZY about these!  These dog chew treats are highly digestible and full of protein and supposedly safer than rawhide. They don’t splinter or break off so you can rest easy that they won’t harm your dogs gums, teeth, or stomach. What are  these awesome treats made of you ask? Bull Penises! It is surprising but if your dog loves em, why not? Protein is Protein!


Dog Chew Treat Bully Sticks 6 inch Bully Sticks (Thick) 10 Pack


Dog Chew Treat Bully Sticks 30 Pack  6 inch Bully Sticks 30 Pack (recommended for small to medium sized dogs)



There is some controversy with the use of rawhide. On one hand they have been attributed to cleaner teeth and a great dog chew treat to keep your dog occupied especially in cases of anxious dogs. On the other hand they have been linked to internal blockages, choking, and poisoning/contamination. They are also not recommended for puppies as they can cause an upset stomach. I wanted to note that Lady has never encountered any of these negative issues so I just included the brands I have always used with no problems. The poisoning/contamination reports also mentioned that those particular batches may have been from Brazil so  always check to make sure they’re made in the USA before purchasing.


Dog Chew Treat Rawhide RollsGreat for medium to large dogs



Dog Chew Treat DingosGreat for smaller dogs


Here is some more information on rawhide safety


Sterilized Bones

For those who think that dogs should naturally be able to chew on bones this is a great option. As with normal bones, there is a risk of breakage and sharp pieces may be problematic but the positive aspect is that these bones don’t carry the bacteria that a non-sterilized bone would.


Dog Chew Treat Sterilized Bones 8-9 inch bones


Read more  from the ASPCA about sterilized bones



Antlers? Yep! These are real deer and elk antlers. These are absolutely recommended for crazy chewers. These dog chew treats last forever and are full of vitamins and minerals that are great for your dog. For moderate chewers they can even last for a few months! Lady has one and I give it to her intermittently kind of like it’s a new treat every week even though it is the same exact antler because she can never finish it.

And oh yea, don’t worry, no elk and deer were harmed for this treat. These are naturally shed elk and deer antlers.

Dog Chew Treat Deer Elk Antlers One piece 8-10 inches long for medium large dogs
Dog Chew Treat Deer Elk Antlers SmallSmall antler for small dogs



When providing dogs chew treats always provide plenty of water and never leave your dog unattended.


Happy Chewing!


Melissa, Mark and Ladybaby


This is a purely cosmetic surgery and does NOT need to be done to have a healthy happy dog. As always, there is a risk to any surgery so please keep that in mind when you make your decision about ear cropping. I wrote this post for those who would like to have the procedure done and want to ensure that they are taking every proper step to minimize any unfortunate situations that may occur due to inadequate knowledge/care.

First things first: Research! Research! Research! Then locate a certified veterinarian who specializes in DOBERMAN ear cropping (not every vet will do this surgery so call and check first and even if they do the surgery be sure to read reviews). Not doing so can result in improperly/crudely cropped ears, infections, ears that won’t stand and not to mention a lot of pain for your pup. This process also requires a LOT of work and time so don’t do it if you can’t commit to the schedule!

Try to contact at least 3 reputable veterinarians that are able to perform this type of surgery to give yourself an idea of the price range and what types of services are included. Ask your veterinarian as many questions as possible including their success rate, years of practice, and even for references. Ask to see before and after pictures of past ear crops and take a look around the facility where the surgery will take place. The vet should be able to answer all your questions and be very eager to talk about the process. If the vet is at all dodgy or unwilling to address your concerns or questions find someone else immediately. You don’t want to risk your dog’s life or have its ears permanently disfigured.

The optimal age for ear cropping would be between 7-10 weeks. No ear cropping should be done after 16 weeks of age and even then that would be pushing it because the cartilage in the ear will have already set enough that it would be questionable to do it. Any vet who tells you otherwise is probably not the vet you should be seeing.

There are 3 types of ear crop styles (a good vet will consider the size and shape of the dog’s head when discussing crops if you’re mostly concerned with the appearance rather than the utility for the show ring or for working dog purposes)

Three Types of Ear Crop Styles

  • Show Crop
    • This is the longest crop meant for the show ring. This is the most difficult to make stand perfectly. However, in my opinion it is the most beautiful.
  • Medium Crop (Lady has this one)
    • This is in between the Show and Military/Working crop in terms of length.
  • Military/Working Crop
    • This is the shortest and features a more triangular shape. It is also the easiest to train to stand.

Here are some pictures of the different types of ear crop styles

Process for Ear Cropping Your Dog

  • Choose a Reputable Veterinarian
  • Evaluation by vet to see if the dog is a good candidate for surgery
    • Current age and health reviewed
    • Von Willebrand’s Disease Test is administered
      • This test shows whether a bleeding disorder is present. Von Willebrand’s disease in dogs is essentially like hemophilia in humans. If the dog has this disorder and goes through with surgery, it can bleed to death. Doberman Pinschers are one of the breeds prone to this disease so it is very important that this is cleared before any surgical procedure.
  • Anesthesia
    • The dog is put to sleep (the snoozing kind of course)
  • Surgery
    • The part where you have to wait for 2-3 hours. The most nerve-wracking moment ever.
  • Discharge
    • Take your pup home and comfort your little loved one. All the anesthesia will have made your dog very confused and very afraid due to the confusion. This is where I was told to go home and hug my dog and sleep next to it. So yes, I slept on the floor and hugged Lady who spent the better part of the day crying because she was scared out of her mind while all the drugs were wearing off. When I took her to go to the bathroom on the lawn, she refused to go and didn’t want to be anywhere near the dewy grass because the wet and cold sensation was too much for her while she was still under the influence. To add insult to injury, she had to wear a cone around her head to prevent her from scratching the postings off.
  • Medication
    • There will be a pain patch stapled to your puppy’s shoulder/back upon discharge. You’ll also be sent home with some pain medication for the next few days to ensure your puppy is in the least pain possible. Lady didn’t seemed too bothered about anything after the first day.
  • Ear Postings
    • After surgery, my vet had me come back every 1-3 days to have the bandages removed, examined and re-taped. Just don’t be surprised when the tape comes off because they look pretty strange like shriveled bat wings and take some getting used to. They’ll look nothing like the end result so don’t worry. Some days the tape was removed and I was instructed to exercise and train the ears at home by squeaking a toy to get the ear muscles strong and used to pricking up. After this “resting” period for the ears I would return the next day to have them re-wrapped for another two days. I repeated this process for two months. It is crucial not to miss taping or unwrapping appointments as this can really affect the success rate of the ears standing perfectly.
  • Nutrition
    • It’s encouraged that the dog get optimal nutrition in order to speed the healing process. I was advised to substitute part of her main diet with canned food that had extra nutrients.

Lady before her ear crop
Doberman Pinscher before ear crop

Lady right after ear crop surgery with taped ears and a cone

Doberman Pinscher ear crop taping

Lady with her ears cropped

Doberman Pinscher with ears cropped

Hope this was informative!


Melissa, Mark, and Ladybaby


Hey guys, it’s almost Christmas! Are you short on cash this year but would still like to give a nice stocking stuffer for your pup? Here’s a link for 1 pound of FREE dog treats from Petco’s dog treat bar: Coupon for Free Dog Treats at Petco


Merry Early Christmas!

Melissa, Mark, and Ladybaby


Forget about cute soft cuddly ducks and green tennis balls; Lady would destroy those in about 2.5 seconds! Even though Lady doesn’t have the strongest jaws in the world, she will without doubt focus all her energy onto any part of the toy that seems weakest and will exploit that fervently until it’s destroyed. She almost seems proud of it after the fact. Lucky me huh?

So I came up with a partial list of supposedly tough or more chew tolerant toys that Lady has tried including those that worked and didn’t work. I say partial because I can’t possibly remember all the toys she has had. Anyway, this is  for all my fellow dog owners who have suffered my same grief of seeing that $10 toy end up shredded to bits by a very happy pooch shortly after purchase. Maybe something from this list will solve your doggie chewing problem.


Review of Durable Dog Toys

1. Booda Fresh Knot Rope Dog Toy

Booda Fresh N Floss Knot Bone Rope Dog Toy

This stayed intact for a month when she was a tiny puppy! These days, this type of toy can only be used if you play tug of war with her and take it away right after the game. If this toy was left with her, she’d pull the threads apart in 5 minutes or so.







2. JW Triple Ring Dog Chew Toy

JW Triple Ring Dog Chew ToyAnother puppy toy. This lasted about a week if not less.







3. Tuffy Mega Series Bone Dog Chew Toy

Tuffy Mega Series Bone Dog Chew Toy

Lady concentrated on a corner and tore it apart after a couple of days.







4.  Planet Dog Old Soul Orbee-Tuff Chew Bone

Planet Dog Old Soul Orbee Tuff Chew Bone

This was one of the decent ones that lasted about a year or so. She had this one for almost a year before she took a huge hunk off the end.






5. Tire Biter Dog Chew Toy

Tire Biter Dog Chew Toy

This one was really disappointing. It looked and felt tough but a mere hour later it was already destroyed.







6. Kong Classic Dog Chew Toy    (Recommended)

Kong Classic Dog Chew Toy

This is a keeper! She has the large one and the medium-sized one. Neither of them have ever been nicked much less destroyed!








7. Kong Genius Leo Dog Chew Toy

Kong Genius Leo Dog Chew Toy

This lasted until she realized she could tear off the flaps on the entrance to where you insert the treats.









8. JW Pet Company MegaLast Bone Dog Chew Toy, LARGE   (Recommended)

JW Pet Company Megalast Bone Dog Chew Toy, MEDIUM   (Recommended)

JW Pet Company MegaLast Bone Dog Chew Toy

Both of these have held up very nicely with no problems for at least a year now!








9. Petstages Orka Jack Chew Dog Toy

Petstages Orka Jack Chew Dog Toy

This lasted for about a year! Then suddenly, she took off two of the pieces.








10. Petstages ORKA Dog Tire Chew Toy    (Recommended)

Petstages ORKA Dog Tire Chew Toy

This luckily is still around after a year and a half. No problems so far! She also LOVES playing with this one in particular.







11. Petco Rubber Football with Squeaker Dog Chew Toy (DISCONTINUED)

Petco Rubber Football with Squeaker Dog Chew Toy

This one didn’t stand a chance even in her puppy days.  She chewed off every little spike until it was smooth and then tore the squeaker out.








12. Petco Spiked Dumbbell with Ring Rubber Dog Chew Toy (DISCONTINUED)

Petco Spiked Dumbbell with Ring Rubber Dog Chew Toy

This also failed the puppyhood teeth test.









Hope this helps!


Melissa, Mark and Ladybaby







If you’re like me, you’d think that all dogs naturally know how to swim. Boy was I wrong. On our first attempt, at Mark’s pool, Lady panicked and furiously paddled the water with her paws in no particular direction. Had the pool been larger and if we weren’t there, I’m sure Lady would have met an unpleasant chlorinated demise. Of course, her Daddy tried to assist her by trying to keep her afloat so that she wouldn’t panic and learn to accept the water but she wanted out of that unfamiliar situation and QUICK! Mark ended up with a million long angry red scratches all over his body after Lady was through with him. That first plunge into the water only ended up making Lady run away from us when we approached her so we were discouraged.

We tried incorporating toys and treats when we tried to coax her into the water so that she’d associate swimming with good feelings but she was a sly one and would not venture past the first step into the pool to grab her toy or a treat. So I had the idea to buy her a Petco Yellow Dog Flotation Vest to make the transition easier. I went to Petco and picked up one of these and it has helped Lady immensely. Granted, with it on, she still struggled because she thought she would sink but over time she realized it was suddenly not as scary with this flotation device on. After 3 more tries at the pool she still hates water and won’t go in unless dragged but she understands it’s not as life threatening as she perceived it to be.  She now swims out with no problem.

Mark also had the brilliant idea of throwing her in the pool as punishment for picking up persimmons which are supposedly bad for them to ingest but oddly enough she actually likes it and thinks it’s a fun game. Go figure.


Mark showing Lady how to float in her life vest

Doberman Pinscher Swimming with Life Vest


Lady with her Life Vest

Doberman Pinscher with Swimming Life Vest




Melissa, Mark, and Ladybaby


Lately, Lady has been be enjoying the high life with mounds of food because she’s finally able to digest it without getting loose stools like she used to as a puppy. This is a plus for me because I finally get to share my love of food with her. As a side note though, I still make sure she eats an adequate amount of her regular kibble before I give her human food so she gets the proper nutrition she needs as a dog. And for safety purposes, always check with ASPCA People foods Dogs Shouldn’t Eat before introducing your dog to any new foods.  I normally try to incorporate eggs, meat, veggies, and starches into her special meals and she of course is crazy about it. For meat, I use either chicken breast, ground turkey, ground beef, beef with bones, pork, or pork ribs. Veggies include carrots, bok choy, broccoli, mushrooms,  and potatoes. Starches are usually made up of bread or rice.

If dog treats are breaking the bank for you, try some of Lady’s favorite money-saving raw treats instead! This is a way cheaper alternative and they like it just as much. She’s crazy about sliced sweet potato rounds, baby carrots, frozen corn kernals, ice cubes (during the summer), Fage yogurt (i let her lick the plastic cup after I finish most of it), frozen/fresh blueberries, strawberries, frozen/fresh green beans, almonds, and for some reason she’s nuts about fresh basil leaves. *Make sure to ALWAYS check whether the human food you give to your dogs are safe for them to eat.

Anyway, check out some pictures that have been taken recently and scroll to the bottom of this post for a great resource: “Top 10 People Food for Dogs”


Lady’s 2lb meal of ground beef, roasted baby carrots, rice, and bok choy

natural dog food doberman pinscher lady

3lb stew of cubed pork, baby carrots, potatoes, eggs, rice, and mushrooms

pork rice mushrooms carrots potatoes food dog doberman pinscher lady

Lady put in time-out by her Dad

doberman pinscher dog punishment

New uncomfortable hangout

doberman pinscher laying uncomfortable

Lady stretching out my UCD t-shirt

doberman pinscher shirt lady

And Lovin’ it

Doberman pinscher dog t-shirt ucdavis lady

People Food for Dogs: http://www.moderndogmagazine.com/articles/10-people-foods-dogs/1896


Melissa, Mark, and Ladybaby


I happen to love my dog because she entertains me. :) This is our FAVORITE video of Lady so far!!


So last night Lady was playing with Mark by bopping her head into his leg as usual while he was laying down on the bed with his feet hanging off the edge. Then….BAM! She ran her eye into his foot and the trouble began. I checked on her today and to my dismay her freakin left eye had rolled back and all you could see was the white of her eye!!!!

Of course like a concerned Mommy I rushed her to the vet screaming and ranting and crying in my car. I was telling my cousin that I didn’t want her to be blind and that I put my heart and soul into raising her so this incident I guess affected me like it would if it had happened to my future child. I’m thinking that all of you dog lovers out there who call your dog “baby”, “son”, or “daughter” can relate.

Anyway, when I finally got to my vet VCA Crocker Animal Hospital, the nurses there took a quick look and reassured me that it was probably a minor deal and that the doctor would be assisting me soon (probably because I was hyperventilating in their waiting room). During the checkup the doctor took some forceps and peeled back the nictitating membrane or the third eyelid that all dogs and cats have that you can see near the tear duct. The doctor explained that since Lady had whacked her eye this brown membrane had taken over the majority of her eye and pushed her pupil all the way back towards her skull. He said that its not really as horrific as it looks and that this is just the dog’s way of protecting its eyes after impact or irritation. He did however, put some florescent drops in her eye to see if we could see any scratches on her cornea under black-light. It looked like Lady was leaking radioactive tears :) .

In the midst of all this Lady’s daddy Mark, rushed to the vet hospital from work to make sure his little girl was ok and the vet reiterated to him what he told me. Yup, she is one LOVED puppy. Luckily, she had no scratches in her eye and we left without the terrible news I was expecting which was either surgery or blindness. All she has is some minor bruising which, either way I’m sure Lady doesn’t care because she went on like nothing had happened and even jumped up to greet Daddy by happily punching him in HIS eye with her big ol’ nose!

With that said, for the next week I’m supposed to administer drops of Neo-Poly-Dex 4 times a day and update the doctor on her status to see if the swelling subsides. If everything goes well she’ll be back to her normal self in a week! For now, she is getting spoiled with lots of treats because she has a boo-boo.

Zombie Lady!

Lady female doberman pinscher dog with a pink eye or cherry eye involving her nictitating membrane - resident evil dog picture 1

Lady female doberman pinscher dog with a pink eye or cherry eye involving her nictitating membrane - resident evil dog picture 2

Lady female doberman pinscher dog with a pink eye or cherry eye involving her nictitating membrane - resident evil dog picture 3

Lady female doberman pinscher dog with a pink eye or cherry eye involving her nictitating membrane - resident evil dog picture 4

Lady female doberman pinscher dog with a pink eye or cherry eye involving her nictitating membrane - resident evil dog picture 5 front of face

VCA Crocker Animal Hospital: http://www.vcahospitals.com/crocker


Last night Lady met Pierre…….

No not a boyfriend…. a new playmate! My cousin received a puppy Shi-Poo as a gift and he is freakin ADORABLE! As usual, Lady was overly excited and it took awhile to calm her down before I let her go near Pierre who’s 1/4 of her size. Luckily, Pierre seems well adjusted to being around bigger dogs because he was very excited to play with her. We took them to the dog park and had a great time but when we got home, I forgot to take Lady out to go pee. Then it happened…She flooded my wood floors with a giant lake just barely missing poor Pierre. After that I had the pleasure of cleaning all that up and hating myself for forgetting to take her out :( !!  Note to self: lots of water and the excitement of a new furry friend DON’T mix! I’ll be uploading pics of Pierre soon so come back and visit to see his handsome ol’ mug!




It seems a lot of people find it difficult or near impossible to stop their dog from chewing it’s bed or bedding. I found a solution that might help those struggling with this issue.

I recommend the Kuranda Dog Bed for owners that have tried everything to stop their dog from chewing and just want to pull their hair out from frustration. This dog bed  has been getting really great reviews in terms of being pretty durable with destructive chewers.


Kuranda Chewproof Dog BedKuranda Dog Bed

Kuranda Dog Chew Proof BedSince dogs can’t get to the fabric because it is enclosed in a high strength, furniture grade poly-resin frame this is probably a really good option for dogs that love chewing on their bedding. The makers of Kuranda Dog Bed have put a lot of effort into creating a nearly indestructible dog bed with fabric that even has a UV resistant finish so you don’t have to worry about it degrading outside while it also provides your dog with great orthopedic support.







Stop Your Dog From Chewing its Bed Original Post

So I have noticed a lot of people asking online how to get their pooch to stop destroying hundreds of dollars worth of dog beds and blankets. Now I know not every dog does this but some of us have had dogs that just do not seem to get that for every bed they chew they bring a bit of despair and an emptier bank account to their owners.

From personal experience, Lady was an avid dog bed + blanket destroyer. I have probably spent near $500 on towels, fleece blankets, and cushy dog beds. I searched online and talked to dog trainers alike about this issue and the same advice kept coming up which did not work for me.

Keep in mind that some of these recommendations have worked for other dogs so you should still try them if you haven’t already.

One recommendation was to use NaturVet Bitter Yuck No Chew Spray For Dogs on her bed. It is a clear foul tasting spray that I recommend spraying the bed outside of your house with because it is pretty strong and can make you choke up in a non-ventilated area. (Experience taught me that lol) You should probably wear gloves too because even after I washed my hands with soap three times I could still taste it on my fingers. This usually deters dogs because they do not like the taste in their mouth. Lady however, was not so easily deterred because she is very very very persistent. No matter how much I loaded her bed with this stuff, an hour later she was right back to her chewing habits.

Another one you can try I haven’t tried that was recommended was Bitter Apple Spray.

Another trainer told me to try hot sauce but unfortunately Lady LOVES this stuff. I decided to let her taste some Tabasco Hot Sauce on my finger before ruining a whole dog bed with this red staining stuff and to my dismay, she looked at me with a silly face and took a lunge at the Tabasco bottle when my finger was clean. Ok, so that did not work.

I thought about it and decided maybe she liked the salty vinegar taste in the sauce so what if instead I tried a chili pepper straight up?? Thinking I had landed on a moment of ingenuity I took a small piece of delicious irresistible beef jerky and doused it with a super spicy Thai chili pepper bomb. I even took the time to mince it up and include the seeds to make sure she could not just swallow it whole and just get a tummy ache later. I set my trap on the dining room table and waited around the corner behind the refrigerator chuckling at my masterpiece. Just as if on cue, Lady zoomed by and nabbed her prize thinking I had not seen her (she is not allowed to eat anything off the dining table). I waited, ready to say “HAH gotcha!” but as always, she came up to me instead licking her chops wondering if there was more of this tasty morsel she had found.

*Sigh. Not a cry, whimper, or look of “ahhhh THIS IS HOT!”

Great. So what did I do then? I watched her. Day in and day out Mark and I watched her like a hawk on her bed. Any nip, tug, pull, snag, …anything of the sort and we would correct her with a loud “NO!” We only allowed her to sleep on her bed when we weren’t present and if we were not home we would crate her without one. As time went on her attempts at destruction lessened in frequency and now finally…..she can sleep on a bed in our room without us being present. I can finally go to the bathroom or have a meal outside without worrying I’m going to come back to a cloud of pillow filling and wondering if I had to take her to the vet to check her stomach (she also liked to ingest her blankets and pillows).

Diligence here was key especially with Dobermans. As anyone who owns one knows they are a PERSISTENT breed. There were a lot of tough dog beds on the market that are nearly indestructible but if you know Lady like we do, she WILL destroy it thread by thread. Now a lot of you might say why get a bed for her in the first place? Well, because Dobermans are an extremely lean dog with barely any fat and really short fur, their elbows tend to bald from laying on hard flat ground and I’m sure it’s also not comfortable for them either.

Now, with all the hard work and attentiveness we put on this issue, she is now snuggled up comfortably in front of me with a nice pillow and a blanket too!

Remember Her Christmas Candy Cane Rawhide? Well here it is 20 minutes after I gave it to her

Lady Doberman Pinscher Chew Toy Rawhide

Here’s looking at you!

Lady Doberman Pinscher Blanket Sleeping