It seems a lot of people find it difficult or near impossible to stop their dog from chewing it’s bed or bedding. I found a solution that might help those struggling with this issue.

I recommend the Kuranda Dog Bed for owners that have tried everything to stop their dog from chewing and just want to pull their hair out from frustration. This dog bed  has been getting really great reviews in terms of being pretty durable with destructive chewers.


Kuranda Chewproof Dog BedKuranda Dog Bed

Kuranda Dog Chew Proof BedSince dogs can’t get to the fabric because it is enclosed in a high strength, furniture grade poly-resin frame this is probably a really good option for dogs that love chewing on their bedding. The makers of Kuranda Dog Bed have put a lot of effort into creating a nearly indestructible dog bed with fabric that even has a UV resistant finish so you don’t have to worry about it degrading outside while it also provides your dog with great orthopedic support.







Stop Your Dog From Chewing its Bed Original Post

So I have noticed a lot of people asking online how to get their pooch to stop destroying hundreds of dollars worth of dog beds and blankets. Now I know not every dog does this but some of us have had dogs that just do not seem to get that for every bed they chew they bring a bit of despair and an emptier bank account to their owners.

From personal experience, Lady was an avid dog bed + blanket destroyer. I have probably spent near $500 on towels, fleece blankets, and cushy dog beds. I searched online and talked to dog trainers alike about this issue and the same advice kept coming up which did not work for me.

Keep in mind that some of these recommendations have worked for other dogs so you should still try them if you haven’t already.

One recommendation was to use NaturVet Bitter Yuck No Chew Spray For Dogs on her bed. It is a clear foul tasting spray that I recommend spraying the bed outside of your house with because it is pretty strong and can make you choke up in a non-ventilated area. (Experience taught me that lol) You should probably wear gloves too because even after I washed my hands with soap three times I could still taste it on my fingers. This usually deters dogs because they do not like the taste in their mouth. Lady however, was not so easily deterred because she is very very very persistent. No matter how much I loaded her bed with this stuff, an hour later she was right back to her chewing habits.

Another one you can try I haven’t tried that was recommended was Bitter Apple Spray.

Another trainer told me to try hot sauce but unfortunately Lady LOVES this stuff. I decided to let her taste some Tabasco Hot Sauce on my finger before ruining a whole dog bed with this red staining stuff and to my dismay, she looked at me with a silly face and took a lunge at the Tabasco bottle when my finger was clean. Ok, so that did not work.

I thought about it and decided maybe she liked the salty vinegar taste in the sauce so what if instead I tried a chili pepper straight up?? Thinking I had landed on a moment of ingenuity I took a small piece of delicious irresistible beef jerky and doused it with a super spicy Thai chili pepper bomb. I even took the time to mince it up and include the seeds to make sure she could not just swallow it whole and just get a tummy ache later. I set my trap on the dining room table and waited around the corner behind the refrigerator chuckling at my masterpiece. Just as if on cue, Lady zoomed by and nabbed her prize thinking I had not seen her (she is not allowed to eat anything off the dining table). I waited, ready to say “HAH gotcha!” but as always, she came up to me instead licking her chops wondering if there was more of this tasty morsel she had found.

*Sigh. Not a cry, whimper, or look of “ahhhh THIS IS HOT!”

Great. So what did I do then? I watched her. Day in and day out Mark and I watched her like a hawk on her bed. Any nip, tug, pull, snag, …anything of the sort and we would correct her with a loud “NO!” We only allowed her to sleep on her bed when we weren’t present and if we were not home we would crate her without one. As time went on her attempts at destruction lessened in frequency and now finally…..she can sleep on a bed in our room without us being present. I can finally go to the bathroom or have a meal outside without worrying I’m going to come back to a cloud of pillow filling and wondering if I had to take her to the vet to check her stomach (she also liked to ingest her blankets and pillows).

Diligence here was key especially with Dobermans. As anyone who owns one knows they are a PERSISTENT breed. There were a lot of tough dog beds on the market that are nearly indestructible but if you know Lady like we do, she WILL destroy it thread by thread. Now a lot of you might say why get a bed for her in the first place? Well, because Dobermans are an extremely lean dog with barely any fat and really short fur, their elbows tend to bald from laying on hard flat ground and I’m sure it’s also not comfortable for them either.

Now, with all the hard work and attentiveness we put on this issue, she is now snuggled up comfortably in front of me with a nice pillow and a blanket too!

Remember Her Christmas Candy Cane Rawhide? Well here it is 20 minutes after I gave it to her

Lady Doberman Pinscher Chew Toy Rawhide

Here’s looking at you!

Lady Doberman Pinscher Blanket Sleeping



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