Last night Lady met Pierre…….

No not a boyfriend…. a new playmate! My cousin received a puppy Shi-Poo as a gift and he is freakin ADORABLE! As usual, Lady was overly excited and it took awhile to calm her down before I let her go near Pierre who’s 1/4 of her size. Luckily, Pierre seems well adjusted to being around bigger dogs because he was very excited to play with her. We took them to the dog park and had a great time but when we got home, I forgot to take Lady out to go pee. Then it happened…She flooded my wood floors with a giant lake just barely missing poor Pierre. After that I had the pleasure of cleaning all that up and hating myself for forgetting to take her out :( !!  Note to self: lots of water and the excitement of a new furry friend DON’T mix! I’ll be uploading pics of Pierre soon so come back and visit to see his handsome ol’ mug!


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