Lately, Lady has been be enjoying the high life with mounds of food because she’s finally able to digest it without getting loose stools like she used to as a puppy. This is a plus for me because I finally get to share my love of food with her. As a side note though, I still make sure she eats an adequate amount of her regular kibble before I give her human food so she gets the proper nutrition she needs as a dog. And for safety purposes, always check with ASPCA People foods Dogs Shouldn’t Eat before introducing your dog to any new foods.  I normally try to incorporate eggs, meat, veggies, and starches into her special meals and she of course is crazy about it. For meat, I use either chicken breast, ground turkey, ground beef, beef with bones, pork, or pork ribs. Veggies include carrots, bok choy, broccoli, mushrooms,  and potatoes. Starches are usually made up of bread or rice.

If dog treats are breaking the bank for you, try some of Lady’s favorite money-saving raw treats instead! This is a way cheaper alternative and they like it just as much. She’s crazy about sliced sweet potato rounds, baby carrots, frozen corn kernals, ice cubes (during the summer), Fage yogurt (i let her lick the plastic cup after I finish most of it), frozen/fresh blueberries, strawberries, frozen/fresh green beans, almonds, and for some reason she’s nuts about fresh basil leaves. *Make sure to ALWAYS check whether the human food you give to your dogs are safe for them to eat.

Anyway, check out some pictures that have been taken recently and scroll to the bottom of this post for a great resource: “Top 10 People Food for Dogs”


Lady’s 2lb meal of ground beef, roasted baby carrots, rice, and bok choy

natural dog food doberman pinscher lady

3lb stew of cubed pork, baby carrots, potatoes, eggs, rice, and mushrooms

pork rice mushrooms carrots potatoes food dog doberman pinscher lady

Lady put in time-out by her Dad

doberman pinscher dog punishment

New uncomfortable hangout

doberman pinscher laying uncomfortable

Lady stretching out my UCD t-shirt

doberman pinscher shirt lady

And Lovin’ it

Doberman pinscher dog t-shirt ucdavis lady

People Food for Dogs:


Melissa, Mark, and Ladybaby


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