If your dog is tired of the same old chew toy everyday, consider giving him a tasty dog chew treat that doubles as a chew toy! There are tons of different types of dog chew treats available in pet stores and online so it’s likely you’ll find one that your dog will like. Below I talk about dog chews that Lady has tried or that I have read about that you might consider trying including deer antler dog chews, bully sticks, sterilized bones and rawhides. Keep in mind that every dog is different so even if a type of dog chew treat is popular it may not appeal to your dog.


Pig Ears

This is Lady’s absolute favorite dog chew treat. She cannot get enough of these! They are made from oven roasted pig ears and make a wonderful treat for puppies since it doesn’t hurt their sensitive tummies.

Dog Chew Treat Pig Ears





Full sized pig ear dog chews for medium to large dogs


Dog Chew Treat Pig Ears SmallPig ear slivers dog chews for puppies or little dogs


Bully Sticks

Lady hasn’t tried these yet but I read lots of good things about them. Apparently dogs are CRAZY about these!  These dog chew treats are highly digestible and full of protein and supposedly safer than rawhide. They don’t splinter or break off so you can rest easy that they won’t harm your dogs gums, teeth, or stomach. What are  these awesome treats made of you ask? Bull Penises! It is surprising but if your dog loves em, why not? Protein is Protein!


Dog Chew Treat Bully Sticks 6 inch Bully Sticks (Thick) 10 Pack


Dog Chew Treat Bully Sticks 30 Pack  6 inch Bully Sticks 30 Pack (recommended for small to medium sized dogs)



There is some controversy with the use of rawhide. On one hand they have been attributed to cleaner teeth and a great dog chew treat to keep your dog occupied especially in cases of anxious dogs. On the other hand they have been linked to internal blockages, choking, and poisoning/contamination. They are also not recommended for puppies as they can cause an upset stomach. I wanted to note that Lady has never encountered any of these negative issues so I just included the brands I have always used with no problems. The poisoning/contamination reports also mentioned that those particular batches may have been from Brazil so  always check to make sure they’re made in the USA before purchasing.


Dog Chew Treat Rawhide RollsGreat for medium to large dogs



Dog Chew Treat DingosGreat for smaller dogs


Here is some more information on rawhide safety


Sterilized Bones

For those who think that dogs should naturally be able to chew on bones this is a great option. As with normal bones, there is a risk of breakage and sharp pieces may be problematic but the positive aspect is that these bones don’t carry the bacteria that a non-sterilized bone would.


Dog Chew Treat Sterilized Bones 8-9 inch bones


Read more  from the ASPCA about sterilized bones



Antlers? Yep! These are real deer and elk antlers. These are absolutely recommended for crazy chewers. These dog chew treats last forever and are full of vitamins and minerals that are great for your dog. For moderate chewers they can even last for a few months! Lady has one and I give it to her intermittently kind of like it’s a new treat every week even though it is the same exact antler because she can never finish it.

And oh yea, don’t worry, no elk and deer were harmed for this treat. These are naturally shed elk and deer antlers.

Dog Chew Treat Deer Elk Antlers One piece 8-10 inches long for medium large dogs
Dog Chew Treat Deer Elk Antlers SmallSmall antler for small dogs



When providing dogs chew treats always provide plenty of water and never leave your dog unattended.


Happy Chewing!


Melissa, Mark and Ladybaby


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